Acuerdo de Servicio Circuit y Open Scape Cloud de Unify

  1. Object

This service agreement regulates the mutual obligations and other contractual aspects in connection with the reselling of Circuit & OpenScape Cloud Cloud by iNimbus VoIP with the user and the Service provision by iNimbus VoIP  resp. Unify.

  1. Agreement components

The following documents form integral parts of this service agreement:

▪ This service agreement.

▪ General Terms of Use (TOSP) Unify Cloud Services:

▪ Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) :

Data Privacy Statement (DPS):

Data Processing Agreement:

End users License Agreement (EULA):

Annex – Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Support Forum Rules (SFR):

▪ Product and Service Description (PSD):

▪ General Terms and Conditions of iNimbus VoIP Customers for Projects and Operations

With regard to the Circuit & OpenScape Cloud Documents (Appendices 1-6), the current Circuit & OpenScape Cloud provisions of the original documents apply, which also apply in the Desktop Client and in the Web application with the current version are linked directly between the customer and Unify.

The parties confirm that they are in possession of the above provisions.

  1. Services

▪ Processing of the order and administration of the Circuit & OpenScape Cloud Basis subscription by iNimbus VoIP.

▪ Processing and ordering of user licenses on customer request by iNimbus VoIP.

▪ Monthly billing of paid user licenses by iNimbus VoIP.

▪ Provision, operation and support of Circuit & OpenScape Cloud by Unify via iNimbus VoIP.

Circuit & OpenScape Cloud user support is provided directly by iNimbus VoIP or Unify:

▪ iNimbus VoIP:



Phone: +34 91 737 92 00

▪ Directly via the desktop client or web client in chat under the menu item "Report problems".

▪ Online at

▪ By telephone via Circuit User Help Desk:

English Support +44 1908 8 17503 (7x24h)

  1. Integrations limits

Any integration services of the Circuit & OpenScape Cloud solution into the current customer environment are not part of this service agreement (iNimbus VoIP's separate project contract).

  1. List Price

The valid list prices are published on

  1. Entry into force, duration and termination

This service agreement enters into force with the use of the Circuit free license and will be completed for an indefinite period.

Initial agreement length: A mandatory year of permanence.

Renewal: The renewal will be for a whole new year.

Cancellation: The cancellation of the contract will be communicated three months in advance.

  1. Special provisions

The customer acknowledges and accepts that those arising from the use of Circuit & OpenScape Cloud.

Content data from Unify is processed outside. iNimbus VoIP has neither access to these data nor does not process these. Unify only provides iNimbus VoIP with the billing-relevant data about the customer to disposal. With regard to data protection legislation, namely the EU GDPR, Unify is direct Contractor to the customer. The customer agrees to the signing of this agreement, with Unify directly the standard order processing agreement (Data Processing Agreement) Unify, which can be found at the following link: